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Thursday, 9 August 2018

South Park GameBoy Colour unreleased game founed

Just 3 days ago a beta of the south park game that was supposed to release on the gameboy colour in 1998 but was cancelled because matt and trey. The people who made south park. Said that they thought that releasing a south park game on a console made for children is a bad idea and so it got canned. Although the files where given to 2 different developers who turned this south park game into. Maya the bee in europe and The new adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley in the united states. You could find 3 sprites for the character kenny leftover in the files of mia the bee which was luckily not found until the game was out of print.
Other than those 3 sprites, 2 screenshots and the 2 games this prototype become although this game was finnished and cancelled on the actual last day of development. 

But the game has now been released officially 20 years late technically making it the second longest game ever spent in development and the longest game spent in private development (Private development is when a game is being made without public knoeledge. Here is a download for the game if you want to try it.

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