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Monday, 23 July 2018

Duke nukem Forever 2001 Build

A working build of Duke Nukem forever has just been found by an old developer. According to the developer the build that was found on an old hard drive (That somehow works on modern operating systems fine) is 90% finnished.

What he means by this statment is unknown although he did state that there is 14 - 16 hours of gameplay so presumebly he is refering to some stuff not working correctally, needing more debuging ect and not to do with the actual game itself. Think Half-Life 2 build 2046 but with every level programmed in. Or the 1999 serious sam publisher prototype that was leaked in 2015 with the last few levels finnished except for the final boss.

Looking at the screenshots we have for this build it looks very advanced for a 2001 game although we don't have concrete footage of this game nor do we have this build in the public domain. For all we know things such as the physics engine may not be working or atleast not well. Although presumebly basic programing for these complex features are present.

The S.O.S Operationg system was going to be an OS that was programed into Duke Nukems glasses and was an easy way to explain the games HUD. It would allow duke to view his health, Ammo, Guns basically everything you would need for a duke nukem game.

The text in the top left corner "Thats's the ladies dressing room! You'd better not go in there!" May hint at the glasses help give you hints and could be related the the gay robot that was mentioned in some pre-release interviews.

There are some interesting weapons that are present in this screenshot. Presumibally this is every weapon that is present within the game. The mighty foot seemed to be planned for this game although it was removed 10 years later once the game released for dukes fists instead which made a lot of fans unhappy that his key move was removed from the game although it is still present in the released games files along with a model for it.

There is a chainsaw present withing this weapon select which was absent from the previous Duke Nukem Game Duke Nukem 3D and not in the released version of forever. Chainsaws were common in shooter games in both the late 90s and early 2000s games such as doom and serious sam the seconed encounter had one.

The shot gun from Duke Nukem 3D is also present and dosen't have anything special about it. What is interesting though are the 2 weapons next to it. Presumebally the one directally next to it is the assult rifle seen in all of the late 90s to mid 2000s trailers of this game. The weapons next to that is unknown to me atleast.

All of the weapons on row 3 being the pipebomb, TripMine and RPG seem to be the same as 3D with again nothing special about them. On row 4 there seems to be some type of double barrel shotgun along with an uzi. There is a 3rd weapon with just the text "FREEZE CANNON" Probably refering to the one from 3D.

This next row just seem to be items. I am not sure what any of the ones on row 5 are except for the second one to the left which may have been a sheild of some sort. On row 6 there is a medkit which is an item all all of the Duke games except for the released version of forever which prefered a regenerating health system like Call of duties. The next one may be an uzi used for the motorcycle vehicle which will be talked about later. The 3rd seem to be some type of mines and the 4th may be a key card going of both it's design and the fact that it say EDF on it which played a very big role in both this version of the game and the released version. I'm not sure about the rest but the only one on row 7 could be the bike.

The motorcycle was ment to be used by Duke Nukem to help him explore the vast metropilis of new vegas or the baron wastlands of the west. And yes this game was planned to be semi-open world with multiple hub inwhich you could access different missions. Although this isn't confirmed Duke probably also had access the the boat seen in one of the trailers released at E3 that year

Comparing these high res screen shots of the most impressive scenes graphically is hard to do as this game makes other seem like a joke

 Duke Nukem Forever 2001 E3 tech demo (June 12 2001)
Serious Sam The First Encounter (March 21 2001)

You can see in some screenshots that the lighting engine isn't amazing at that point so shadows aren't present in some places where they should be. Or maybe they just weren't planned at all.

Duke Nukem Forever 2001 E3 tech demo (June 12 2001)

Shrek (November 14th 2001)

A lot of the texxtures in this image seem to be extemely high quality when compared to other games from the same time that where trying to have high quality textures.
Duke Nukem Forever 2001 E3 tech demo (June 12 2001)

Half-Life Blue Shift (June 12 2001)

According to the developer who leaked these finds the game was planned to be a survival horror game with slight RPG elements.This is very different from the previous Duke Nukem game that was a comedy action game activley moking other games and films in the same or similar genre such as the at that time in development hell and first true first person 3D game quake and the film terminator.

Although the Duke Nukem games aren't shy of doing this. The first two games in the series were platforming games with very light hearted comedy.

According to talks the developer did all of the dialouge for the game was recorded. Along with that he revealed the level primarily shown in the E3 demo with the marine saying "What are you going to do? Save the world?" being from a level in which duke would find a secret EDF base. The level was also 1 - 2 hours in length so it's inknown if every level was this long or if it's just a case of this one being used to teach a lot of core mechanics or other things. It also was supposedly 100% finnished although thats unsurprising as most games that spend there development cycle on one level mainly for showing to public audiences get that level done quickly. Like how the level silent cartoghrapher was in basically every Halo Comabt Evolved demo trailer ect meaning it was the first level to be done.

 The games story would have had duke tasked with stopping the aliens after the fall of the EDF and find out what these mutant tenticle EDF soilders are along with other mysteries. Dosen't sound very Duke Nukem like. Another thing is that they supposedly made an actual operating system for this game that was used ingame which has never been seen before in any game along with stealth elements which just isn't right for Duke Nukem. Does this guy really look like the kinda guy to be sneeky?

Nothing else has been released since the 7th of july so we may not see any more of this leaked build unless someone is able to steal it, leak it only and then maybe be arrested because of how the king himself's copyright is right now. I guess this is his last attempt to get people to hail underneath his throne before we get the alleged Duke Nukem Movie staring John cena and being a horror film. If they recycle this games plot into a movie that would be amazing which they might actually do.

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