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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity early build

Just today the previous sega developer who runs a youtube channel by the name of gamehut has revealed that he has found multiple pre release copies of the 2004 video game crash twinsanity. Along with this he shared a 10 minute long video of gameplay from one of these builds and I have watched this video about 4 times and am now going to go over everything I could get from it.

When the prototype begins you are crash bandicoot and start outside of cocos house unlike in the released game where you start on a beach. Dr Neo Cortex is wearing drag and acting like coco bandicoot so presumibally the intro to the game was going to be pretty much the same as the released version. Once you are frown into gameplay your HUD will breifly show. There are only to elements being the amount of wumpa fruit you have just being called "WAMPA" and your live shown by text that just says "LIVES" also without the icons nect to them.

Along with that are 3 wumpa fruits that lead the player further into the level. If you look to your left you can see 2 crates which when destroyed drop 2 wumpa fruit. The wumpa fruit have different particle effects when picked up. There seems to be more particle effects in the game than there normaly is in the begining of the game. The games build date is December the 4th 2003 at 5PM. This is 9 months before the actual game was rushed out the door in the 28th of december 2004. It is also labeled as "PS2 Release Build" Possibly implying this game was almost ready although even the first level seems very unfinnished in this build so that is unlickley.

None of the actual puzzles that are seen in the released build of the game are seen here. Instead they have courses with acorns that grow trees and spawn birds that demonstrait the games flocking A.I. These puzzles are unbeatable as the acorn for the first one despawns too quickly. The ambient life seems to be fully working with no issue. The monkeys are unkillable in this version of the game although I never tried to kill them on my copy sso I don't  know if they are or not in the final game. They will run away from craash if they spot you and hide in a tree sometimes dropping wumpa fruit. Although it is unknown if these wunmpa fruit go to your overall count or not in this build. The crabs are semi-functioning. They will raise out of the sand but won't chase after crash and activley try to kill him. If you do touch one you will die.

The game has a debug menu that does stuff like give you infinite lives and presumebally can do things like turn on wireframe or make hitboxes visible.

The music that plays in the background isn't done by spiral mouth but rather sounds very crash bandicoot 1 like. The dash move works perfectly fine here although it isn't stated if this is a pal or NTSC Version of the game. If you don't know pal games run at 50FPS and NTSC Games run at 60. The Dash glitch is caused when the game is at a higher fps than expects and over exagerats the physics in respons. The TNT sometimes won't work and Aku Aku dosen't follow the player if picked up. He also dosen't have any particle effects and uses different textures before being picked up.

The textures on the huge plant are lower res. Basic physics exsist within the game at this point. The tutorial level is structured differently such as some sections being longer/shorter and having some stuff moved along with the off road secrets being removed along with the gems. The lighting in the stone head is darker but the mushrooms glow lighter. Sometimes the camera will clip through walls. You have to jum out of the cave instead of being able to walk. I think it may just be a bug with some of the collision on this level or the terrain. The developer said he thinks it's to do with the way the game loads in chunks. The cutscene where neo cortex teaches you the body slam has a few new camera angles and also has no gem.

There is no remote that blows up nitros or TNT. Cortex gets stuck on some collision presumibally a trigger for the log hitting him and soft locks the game. You can get around him by going out the map. The games lives don't float have particle effects spin or even have the same sound as in the release game. The game takes place at evening not morning. There is a spikey tortoise that is unused in the final game who can only be killed by a dash. Finally the game crashes once you get to the part where mecha bandicoot would apper. The game then crashes maybe because of skipping Dr Neo cortex earlier.

I personally think the version we got is better but seeing this is still cool. I'll leave you with a few more screenshots and a link to The original video

 That last one is when the game crashed.

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