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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Will you enjoy postal 2?

Have you ever looked at the game postal 2 and wondered if you would like the game or not. Well I'm going to hopefully help you with your decision.
If you are going to try the game I reccomend getting a mod to change the background because (Atleast for me) the background can make you feel very disorientated as it just keeps spinning.
Also before you play the game is very gorey as long as it has meat on it it will exploaded and spread blood and guts everywhere. This also made the game very demanding for the time at max settings. Also being a game released in 2003 it looks quiet impressive sure it dosen't look like half-Life 2 or Doom 3 that came out the next year but it still looks good even more so when you realise that the compony who made this game where pratically indie at that point.
 One of the most infomouse scenes from the game is when you can get a cat and strap it to a shotgun or assault rifle and use it as a silencer. This game has no shortage of dumb scenes like that along with the cat you can feed dogs dog treets and make them yours which they will then kill anyone who attacks you. Garry coleman will get a shotgun near the beginign of the game and start killing people who want his autograph. you can urinate into peoples mouthes and make them vomit and much more.
So the game begins with the main character (The postal dude) being kicked out of his carry van by his wife or as she is called in the The BITCH.
You are then given a shopping list with what you need to do for today on it and a map to show where you are. At this point you can either A go to the objectives and finnish the first day (Monday) or B you can just mess around. I reccomend doing B for a while as that will usually teach you all of the important mechanics such as Using cats as silencers fedding dogs and how to avoid the police and much more. As you can tell this game is very mechanic heavy but all you need to know to have a chance at beating this game is to always have atleast a pistol on hand and only get it out when you need it. Now you maight realise how similar this game is to Grand theft auto mainly GTAs 3 onwards and that's because this game was inspired by games like vice city and is somehow a more graphic version of that game in a run down old town.
So if what I have stated has interested you even more about the game then I reccomend buying it. It's £6.99 But I recomend waiting until a sale when the game and it's DLC paridise lost is around 69P.

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